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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lesson on Worrying SOL

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I, like most people, am not a fan of any kind of surgery. So when my dentist told me my wisdom teeth had to come out, I was less than thrilled. "

Are you sure they have to come out? The don't hurt. Can't they just stay in there?" I asked.

No, apparently they were damaging and cracking the molars in front of them because of the weird angles my wisdom teeth were coming in and the tiny amount of space available to them. If I don't have them out, my other teeth could break and/or fall out.

I was rather nervous. I hate anything that requires me to be knocked out for a while. It may be somewhat irrational, but I don't like the lack of control that comes with not being awake for something so important and the possibility that I might not wake back up. A rare occurrence, but not unheard of. The surgeon and I came to a compromise: I'd be put on an IV sedation that, though technically awake, would make me unable to remember any of the surgery.

Finally the day came. I went in all nervous. And then the day went.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened. No complications. Relatively little pain. Quick recovery.

I spent a week worrying about what could happen, worrying about the fine print. I worried for nothing. And I'd like to be able to say, "lesson learned," but that probably isn't accurate. I'll worry needlessly about such things again I'm sure. Perhaps then, it is "part of lesson sort of learned, for now."


  1. Isn't it the truth? So much to worry about, but really nothing at all. I'm happy to hear that you are quickly recovering!

  2. Love this! My dear, I am The Queen of Worry, so I totally get it! Glad you are healing well!!