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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Slice of Life: My Happy Place

Slice of Life Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers. Join in and write your own slice. 

The air was cool and crisp, promising a fall like day despite the mid-summer date. I was awoken by the sun's warm rays on my face. I climbed out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom to get ready for the day. I chose jeans and a thin sweatshirt, knowing the back porch would feel 10-15 degrees colder due to the shade it was always wrapped in. 

As I headed to the kitchen, I grabbed my small stack of to-be-read books, the ones sitting on top already having been started. Coffee first. I hit the power button and listened as the machine gurgled to life and the water inside began to bubble. While it did, I took care of the dogs. One headed out after being in all night and the other came in to eat after having been out all night. Finally the coffee was done and all three of us headed to the back porch. 

My books and coffee went on the small table that barely fit when the dogs and I were out too. I picked up the first book for the day, a Ricky Ricotta's Might Robot, one of the many classroom books I was trying to read before the school year started. As I read for what became hours, the dogs curled up behind me, content to sleep, though they'd barely woken up. 

The morning was perfect. The backyard sprawled out in front of me, a sea of green. The dogs, and now the cat who had joined us, laying beside me. The cool air a relief from the blistering heat of a couple weeks ago. Getting to do what I loved without interruption or obligation.

I had many days like this during the course of the summer. Some days grew too hot and I would begrudgingly head inside to work. My mornings spent reading were an oasis away from the house work, the errands, the planning for the upcoming school year, and I wished for nothing more than to spend forever on my back porch reading, happy and at peace.


  1. Ahhh, a heavenly slice of reading! Sounds like the perfect oasis and companions. Enjoy these last few slow moments before the obligations and interruptions begin! (I hear August starting to whisper its arrival ... )

    Beautifully written too, Stephanie! Great word choice and descriptions, one of my favorites: "I hit the power button and listened as the machine gurgled to life." I hope you will share and use your writing with your students! More authentic and real to share your writing! :) Just a thought!


    1. Thank you Michelle! I know I will need to share my writing with my students, not only to make it more authentic, but my students must have a visual in order to grasp extremely specific and detail oriented writings like Slice of Life writings.

      I too hear August whispering its arrival and I am trying to take the time to appreciate the little things I know I won't have time for once it arrives.

  2. Enjoyed the flow of writing Stephanie. Wishing you back to your relaxing moments. I thought of some tips for mine. Perhaps I could share my SOL14 with you at

  3. Loved your description here. My porch is my happy place too--although I tend to take my notebook and a stack of books out there intending to read and write and then end up staring off into space instead. I didn't realize that you're a new blogger! Will add your blog to my Feedly. I love learning from elementary teachers! (I have also written a couple of slices this summer that I plan to share with my student writers, who are college freshmen.)

    1. Thanks! I do often end up staring off into space, thinking about nothing in particular and appreciating the time I get to spend just reading.

  4. Those mornings sound WONDERFUL! I wish I could take a morning or two like this, but our mornings tend to be filled with running to OT and speech therapy appts. for my daughter. It's important stuff, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't wish I could have some quiet mornings reading on my porch.