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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Slice of Life: Agricultural Awareness

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This year, like every year that I've been in my district, my 4th grade students got to take a field trip at the start of the year to the local fairgrounds for the 4th grade Agricultural Awareness Day event. During this event, the students rotate through 15 minute sessions with their classes, learning about the many different aspects of agriculture specific to our county and state. 

Despite my students having grown up in a farming community, there is a lot that they don't understand about the business of agriculture and how important it is to our environment and economy. At our Ag Day event this year, students learned about the crop produced the most in our county, corn, and how the tassel pollinates the silk. They learned about the process by which plants make food and some of them "became" the elements needed for photosynthesis. A bee keeper was there to teach our students about pollinators of all kinds and to explain the importance of protecting the honeybee. Students also learned how to trace every food they eat back to soil in some way. They became a living chain of ingredients in pizza that were all connected to soil. Several stations had live animals for the students to learn about and of course, pet, including sheep, cows, poultry, and swine. 4-H and FFA were there to help with the day, as well as to share information about their many opportunities with the students. 

The Ag Day trip is always a favorite of my students and this year was no different. The weather was a big muggy within the barns, but beautiful when outside. I appreciate the groups and individuals that spend their time preparing this learning experience and the people who volunteer their time to spend the day with the children. What a great way for our students to learn about their community, the environment, and the careers that are available to them. (The photos that I have included are from our 15 minute dairy cow session.)


  1. Looks like such a fun and interesting day! Sounds like there were a lot of opportunities for "active" learning - role playing and acting out. We have been talking about the importance of this with our kindergarten teachers - and your post reminds me that it is important for kids of all ages!

  2. I wish our local fairgrounds would do this! The majority of our students in Silicon Valley -- in the "low socio-economic" zones -- do not understand these basics of food ecology. They're suburb to downtown San Jose, like caught in the middle. Not urban not rural.
    Your appreciation for the people who put on Ag Day and the photos were my favorite part of your post. Thank you!

  3. Coming from the outskirts of Manhattan, this sounds so exotic to me. What a great learning experience for your kids!