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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Starting My Blog

After taking part in just the first week of #cyberPD this summer, I decided that I needed to start my own blog. It will be easier to link my extensive ramblings this way, rather than in the comments sections. I also think that it will be a good thing to write about the extensive professional and pleasurable reading I have been doing. I want to collaborate, share, question, and curate with all of those out there who share my love of learning.


  1. Welcome Stephanie to the blogging world! You will be amazed! You will learn and grow -- and know what it is like to be your students! Some days you just can't get the words out ... Everyone has a voice and story to share...I'm glad you are telling your story.

    Now, not to be pushy, but ... have you heard about the Slice of Life Challenge at the Two Writing Teachers blog? Every Tuesday we (including teachers, authors, moms, dads, retired teachers, etc) write a "slice" of our life, post on our blogs, and share the link on TWT. A way to live the writerly life! I'd love for you to join in. Many teaches also introduce Slice of Life writing in their classrooms ... something more to think about! (Then in March they host a Slice of Life Story Challenge for the month! Writing for 31 days! It is amazing!)

    Let me know if you have any questions! The community of teachers and educators "out here" is amazing!

  2. Michelle,
    Thanks for the warm welcome! I had not heard of the Slice of Life Challenge or the Two Writing Teachers blog, but I'll definitely try to take part in it as much as possible. Adding the Slice of Life writing to my classrooms sounds like a great idea. I'm always trying to find authentic ways to get my students writing more!


  3. I recently joined the blogging world as well. I wrote my first posts today, but created my blog a month ago. I have a college who does the Slice of Life challenge and that is my goal. I hear the community of bloggers is so friendly, you get hooked easily, and you come away with so much knowledge! Good luck in your new adventure!

  4. Check out the It's Monday! What Are You Reading? community as well. hosts the kidlit version. Warning: #imwayr is very dangerous financially! I always hear about books I have to have!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I'll check it out. And I do love to buy books, so it may get dangerous, you're right.