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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Slice of Life: School Starts

Slice of Life Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers. Join in and write your own slice.

Another school year has begun. The students are finally getting use to their schedule, coming in and reading as soon as they are in the classroom. Switching classes when we need to and knowing what to take with them. But their attention only lasts so long when it is as hot as it is, and with no air conditioning in the building. By the end of the day, all of us feel like we are melting and can't get enough water. 

Along with the start of the school year comes the stress and the very busy schedule. I'm writing and reading significantly less than I would like to, in fact I should be creating differentiated group activities right now. Each day I sleep in a little more, until I have no extra time in the mornings. Then the weekend comes, I get a little more sleep, wake up pretty refreshed on Monday, but start the cycle of no sleep over again Monday night.  

This is not just a slice of my life. For the next 9 months, the classroom and my students will be my entire life. I spend more time working with them or creating things for them than I spend on anything else.


  1. I can feel the momentum and then the drain from the rhythm of your writing! Thanks for sharing.

  2. The beginning of a new school year is so exciting, but it is life-changing, too, as you describe here. Our whole lives change for the next 9 months. It is hard to get used to. Your dedication will surely pay off - you'll have a great year!